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Professional answering service

Since 1958

The "Doctor's Answering Service" - the only EXCLUSIVE medical answering service in Indianapolis
Satisfied Clients:

"I feel like I really know the operators since I talk to them all the time - even though I've never met them. They can even make me laugh with a bad call at night."

Anne J. Stump, MD

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How can your practice benefit from our services?

We understand as healthcare providers, you are busy with your practice and do not always have time to manage phone calls in your office.  We are here to assist with this task and ensure your patients will be accommodated in a timely and caring manner. 


When our service started as the Medical Society Exchange many years ago, it was solely designed to meet the needs of physicians.  We are now HIPAA compliant and a secured answering service, and we are available to take care of not only physicians but many other healthcare professionals as well.  These include, but are not limited to dentists, chiropractors, labs, pharmacies, solo, small or large practices. 


Our answering service can accommodate patient calls during lunch, before and after office hours, as well as weekends and holidays.  Our operators are highly trained and will treat your patients with respect.  Whether the calls are urgent or routine, we have the experience to manage and properly route the call per your specific instruction. 

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